With rugged coastlines and a thriving business district, Swansea is unrivalled as a place to work and live in Wales. The Dylan Thomas Centre is at the new maritime quarter and is an interesting visit. You can walk the 3 - 4 miles to Mumbles starting here, following the promenade across the bay and eventually ending up at the pretty town via a spectacular walk across the coast path.

Swansea is truly Wales' waterfront city. It has a busy business hub with over 230 shops in the city centre alone, and a weekly market with local food and drink. The town museum is well worth a visit, together with the National Waterfront Museum also in the maritime quarter.

There is plenty of green space, so you have a choice between seaside or parks and gardens for some relaxed time away from work with the family. At home, Awnings and Canopies Swansea are available. Plus there is easy access to the sandy South West Wales coastline, the Gower Peninsula and the Lliw uplands for some leisure and relaxation time.

Take a look at this amazing video we found of Swansea bay from the air:

Tips For Doing Business In Swansea

With Swansea being consistently ranked each year as one of the best places in the UK to do business, then it is apparent that doing business here can be very rewarding for individuals and businesses looking forward to investing in the UK. A good example of a business in Swansea is http://www.swanseablindsandshutters.co.uk/ where blinds and shutters are available.

But with like doing business in any other place in Wales and the UK, running a business in Swansea can be very challenging especially if you aren’t a seasoned business person. But that notwithstanding, you can still do business here successfully as long as you have some business knowledge coupled with an entrepreneurial mind.

If you don’t, on the following pages there are a couple of tips for doing business in Swansea that will help you get started with running a business in Swansea.

Operating a business in Swansea

There are so many businesses that you can operate in Swansea, as long as you have what it take to run a business successfully. Another local blinds and shutters company is http://www.porttalbotblinds.co.uk/ Therefore, you should decide on the business you want to do depending on the amount of money you have set aside to do business. It is always good to be creative with your business idea so that you can come up with something unique that will not cost you tons of money to start.

Get start-up support

In as much as starting a business can be a real challenge for many people, the good thing with starting a business in Swansea is that there are so many places where you can get start-up support and hence you won’t feel stuck along the way. For instance, you can get start-up advice from Business in Focus and Centre for Business. The two offer start-up support on the behalf of the government.

Again, if you don’t have enough money to set your business up and running, you can apply for funding from the Finance Wales, a Welsh Government subsidiary that offers commercial funding to medium-sized and small businesses.

Swansea clients and competitors

If you have for instance decided to start a cleaning company in Swansea, then your clients can either be small businesses and households that are searching for quality cleaning services. Besides knowing that, you should also know how regularly they need these services and the amount of money each business or household can afford to pay for cleaning services. In other words, the more you know your clients, the more you will understand their needs better and hence you will be in a better position to do what it takes to meet their needs.

Know your competition

This is a rule of the thumb when it comes to doing business not just in Swansea, but also in other places as well. With there being stiff competition among businesses in Swansea, one of the best things you can do to have an edge in the overly competitive market is to provide the best services possible compared to your competition. For you to do this, you will have to understand your competition so that you can figure out what you can do better than them.

With these tips for doing business in Swansea at your fingertips, then you are definitely a step closer to running a successful business on Swansea. An interesting history of Swansea can be found here.

Swansea business innovation

Swansea is a prime city of innovation as it offers waterfront development opportunities for both small and large scale businesses. The city Centre helps you create flexible and affordable commercial floor space that accommodates innovative businesses with the best broadband connectivity. Room Dividers Port Talbot can make more space in a business premises. Swansea is ideally located to provide a vibrant urbanized environment that fully encompasses city living, leisure, cultural and retail attractions in close proximity to a stunningly gorgeous waterfront. business in swansea thrives with limited challenges because the broadband connection voucher scheme works pretty well helping your business grow faster while accessing new modern markets.

The types of businesses one can run in Swansea are numerous and unlimited. The impressive and varied list of commercial and public organizations greatly contributes to Swansea’s economy making it a reputable place to venture in. Lucrative businesses that one can indulge in especially in the retail sector includes: Media and advertising, transportation, electronics, finance and insurance, engineering and construction works, general manufacturing industries and Pharmaceuticals. Insurance companies in Swansea city have performed very well in the recent past meaning there is a ready market and well established structures for insurance business. Communications industry is well established in Swansea with limited number of competitors implying an opportunity in media and advertising.

Limited number of companies offering engineering services and construction works further widens the market opportunity for business in Swansea. There is rather no established construction company in Swansea, your company can be the fastest growing in engineering and construction works. Electronics in Swansea is still lagging behind in terms of service delivery. With only one service group providing services in repair and refurbishment, multichannel ecommerce and even subcontract manufacturing, the gap to fill is huge inviting prospective investors to do business. Presence of the largest banking and financial service organizations in Swansea further favours the business of Banking and Finance due to well developed structures.

Business support in Swansea

Unique to Swansea is ultimate support for businesses. New and existing businesses within the city and county of Swansea are supported by The Council’s Economic and Regeneration division which greatly works with partner organizations. The council provides: financial assistance through the well-established regional and local small grant schemes, commercial property information, advice on environmental and planning issues, signposting to agencies tasked with providing specific business related services and helps you meet the buyer events while providing information on tendering and subcontracting opportunities in the locality. The above business history of Swansea makes it a commercial hub for all prospective investors.

Location of businesses is key for profit maximization and optimum business performance in Swansea. Among key commercial business locations are SA1 Swansea Waterfront, Swansea City Centre, Swansea Vale, Business park in the west, Felindre, Fabian way, Baglan Energy park, Llanelli Waterside, Food park Cross Hands and Port Talbot Harbourside. SA1 Swansea Waterfront offers enough office space in combination with the enviable scenic frontage of River Tawe. Swansea City Centre has its own established Business Improvement District which makes it a major focus for both retail and professional business services. Swansea Vale has an unrivalled high potential for commerce and residential development as it is situated a few miles from the City Centre. Furthermore, Swansea Vale is the model site for Swansea city expansion in the future. Business in Swansea is easy to locate as all the market hotspots have adequate space.

Swansea is among the best places to do business in the UK. The varied business opportunities, business support and key business locations provides valuable resources in identifying business opportunities in Swansea